June 2016 Submissions BREAKING THE FIFTH WALL


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by Valentine Siboni

11min 31sec, Brussels/Belgium, 2015
PASSWORD= antarctica

An attempted journey to Antarctica
The spectator is carried away on a boat. Along the journey he encounters different explorers and interrogates them about how will they reach unreachable South Pole. Panodraama links Antarctica's quest metaphor with another: the quest of transmitting an idea to an audience. In the video, the artist uses various ways of interacting with cameras in a space, seeking for the proper view.

For more info about Valentine Siboni visit valentinesiboni.info

Tuna Rice Balls
by Stephanie Kang

3min 32sec, Chicago IL USA, 2013

In Tuna Rice Balls, I play with stereotypical images of Asian women that come from pop culture and mass media, integrating them into a figure that precariously balances between the desirable and perverse. By creating a new persona "Kang Eunhae," a physical representation of my Korean self, I address language and its relation to my situation as an American, yet ethnically Korean woman attempting to assimilate to stereotypes of Asian femininity.

For more info about Stephanie Kang visit stephaniekang.com

by Lyra Hill

03min 13sec, Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

three short videos created to act as interstitial spells between other pieces. can be shown separately or together, in part or in whole. sets of instructions to the audience.

For more info about Lyra Hill visit lyrahill.com

Home Alone Horror Story
by Melissa Hespelt

02min 26sec, Chicago/IL/USA, 2016

Little Bitch is home alone and scared. But it's OK. She has a weapon and she's not afraid to use it.

For more info about Melissa Hespelt visit vimeo.com/melissahespelt

A Conversation Between Old Friends and Cohorts
by Jamie Zeske

05min 08sec, 2015

Fame. Glory. What do you really want and how are you going to get it?

by Drew Hanks and Eda Yorulmazoglu

07min 31sec, Los Angeles/CA/USA, 2015

A day in the life of your average, everyday, typical family - mother, father and child. Do you take this family at face value? Which layer holds the true face?

For more info about Drew Hanks and Eda Yorulmazoglu visit vimeo.com/user39119339

by Lyra Hill

03min 13sec, Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

For more info about Lyra Hill visit lyrahill.com

Nocturnes for Anatomers
by Christina Kolozsvary

06min 14sec, Oakland, CA, USA, 2012

Nocturnes for Anatomers is a surrealist trip to the doctors office. A young woman suffers from mysterious illnesses caused by her neglect for her body, and her hidden desires. Diagnoses of the patient follow the charts of the cosmos, as anatomy and astrology combine. The patient becomes the performer, leaving us to ask: was it all a dream?

For more info about Christina Kolozsvary visit kolozsvary.com

I Am My Own Keeper pt2
by Gertie Garbarge

02min 03sec, Philadelphia, PA, USA , 2016

"Aw. Who bought you flowers?" I bought myself flowers. I am my own keeper. Just doing me forever.

For more info about Gertie Garbage visit eileenldoyle.com

by Lyra Hill

03min 13sec, Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

For more info about Lyra Hill visit lyrahill.com

Local Ads from Faraway Places
by Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney

4min 57sec, Chicago IL, USA, 2014

"A woman suspects that someone has clandestinely been filming her life and that her friends and acquaintances are seeing the movies in secret screenings." Local Ads from Faraway Places was reverse engineered from a description of Secret Cinema by Paul Bartel without having seen the original film. It was commissioned by Jesse Malmed for Reverse Shot: Rehydrating the Randolph Street Gallery's Experimental Film Coalition as part of the Extinct Entities Festival at Links Hall.

For more info about Kera MacKenzie visit keramackenzie.com
For more info about Andrew Mausert-Mooney visit vimeo.com/amm

The Mourning Cloak Butterfly
by Endam Nihan

4min 57sec, Istanbul/Turkey, 2014

In this piece, I enact a self‐reflexive critique on the appearance of women and women nature in mainstream media. Through impromptu performance about bodily processes that involve endurance, I demonstrate the processes of struggle and ritual that women often perform to achieve idealized beauty standards.

For more info about Endam Nihan visit endamnihan.com/


Christopher Gambino is a performance artist, actress and model. He is currently working towards his BFA at SAIC. Christopher is a libra sun, scorpio rising, gemini moon and he loves to have a good time!

CargoCollective.com/ ChristopherGambino

Julia Zinn is a person from Kansas who works on things related to film/video & is particularly interested in unusual angles on porn, horror, and religion.


Jonathan Sommer, BFA The Cleveland Institute of Art 2009, is an interdisciplinary artist and independent curator currently based in Chicago, IL. Though broad in scope, Sommer’s creative practice commonly focuses upon queer nightlife, collective identity and unorthodox party economies.



Rosé Hernandez is a Chicago body-based artist and healer. Drawing from elements of butoh, theater, music, and ritual. Rosé binds the spaces bordering between the body, desire, queer world making, and spirituality. Through a wide range of performance practices, Rosé navigates the post-millenial landscape in search of love, immanence,and ultimately healing.